PURE BLAZZE strives to provide the best quality product and we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. If you feel PURE BLAZZE is not working for you, all you need to do is return the unopened product along with the details of the purchase. In case you would like to cancel an order, please do so within 24 hours of placing the order.
Returns Instructions:
Please follow the subsequent instructions so as for us to process your return seamlessly.
1. Please make sure you inform us about the return alongside the explanation for the return. You need to fill within the refund page here for us to be ready to make the refund.
2. PURE BLAZZE will not be held responsible for any delay in delivery from your end. Ensure you use a reliable courier service to send the merchandise back to us. Always provide us with the shipment details via email.
3. Please note: the boxes got to be packed for you to avail of a refund service. Opened or tampered boxes don't seem to be eligible for return or refund.
4. it's essential for you to make sure the product isn't damaged during courier. Damaged boxes won't be refunded or taken back.
5. don't forget to mention your complete billing address, name, order number, and get in touch with the number on the label while returning the merchandise.
6. the product has got to be returned within the original box, with the label intact to return the merchandise.
7. Please mention the complete address while returning the merchandise –
Get In Touch
ADRESS Raj Residency, L.P Savani Road, Adajan, Surat - 395010. Gujarat.
Mobile: +91 99877 09134
+91 77388 55530
Email: sale@pureblazze.com
Please contact Our customer service agents in case you need further assistance.
Pure Blazze will only accept products that are returned unopened. Any returned product that comes in with an open seal, improper handling or damaged/torn out boxes, missing labels or instructions won't be accepted for returns and can be sent back to the buyer. The product needs to be returned in the original box. Products damaged during shipment or improper Packaging don't qualify for refund or return in any manner. If a product is damaged on delivery, the buyer needs to contact Pure Blazze immediately and inform the customer service agents about the damage. A detailed email with the shipment information must be provided. The buyer will need to ship the product back to Pure Blazze . The cost of the shipment will be borne by the buyer.
A refund can take up to fifteen working days from the time of the refund approval. A customer is going to be informed about the refund via email. Defective products are exchanged, however, customers will need to bear the shipment cost for the new product. They are also required to send in the defective products back to Pure Blazze for them to avail of an exchange. Pure Blazze will not be held responsible for any damage caused after delivery. Pure Blazze does not cancel orders which have been processed and shipped to customers. Credit card refunds will take about 14 working days and open-end credit refunds will take 30 working days to urge processed.
Pure Blazze reserves the right to deny any customer a refund or exchange of products.
Please Note: Pure Blazze might have to cancel certain orders which are out of reach or difficult to ship. Pure Blazze reserves the right, to refuse/cancel/deny any order for any reason. Pure Blazze reserves its rights to cancel orders due to limitations on quantities of products available for purchase, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information, problems identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department. Pure Blazze will get in touch with customers who might face any of the above-mentioned problems. In case the quantity has been deducted from a MasterCard, the mentioned amount is going to be refunded. Pure Blazze reserves the right to ask for proof of identification of the customer at the time of delivery. Failure to provide the same can lead to the cancellation of the order.
Please follow the instructions below to urge your refund.
Call our customer care +91 9987709134 and request for a return number.
Note** – We do NOT accept any returns that are sent to us directly. You need a return number for the payment to be processed.
Please mention your full address while returning the merchandise.
Please feel free to call us for any queries or suggestions – we love to hear from you.
Please note: Shipping and handling charges won't be refunded.

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Mobile: +91 99877 09134 / +91 7738855530 Email: sale@pureblazze.com  /  pureblazze01@gmail.com

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