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100 % Organic & Natural Honey and Pure Himalayan Shilajit with fluvic & humic acid and other 84+ minerals.

At PURE BLAZZE, we offer 100% gold grade Natural Shilajit and pure substances at affordable prices within the reach of every customer. 

Introducing unique and 100% pure Shilajit & Honeyshil for the very first time in India. With several health benefits and fitness advantages. We at Pure Blazze firmly believe that our product can enhance your lifestyles greatly, and help you achieve optimum health for your mind and your body.

 Our products are the result of sourcing herbal raw materials from the Himalayan mountains, like raw shilajit, and purifying them at our GMP licensed laboratory and manufacturing unit in India. 

Shilajit is certainly a gift from the Himalayas, we're simply right here to supply it to your doorstep.

We commenced operations in Surat in 2020, and through meticulous research and thorough due diligence, we bring you Shilajit - and we couldn’t be more excited.


'A must try for all shilajit lovers'

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